Rankie – Wordpress Rank Tracker Plugin Documentation

Rankie – WordPress rank tracker is a WordPress rank checker plugin that will help you track WordPress rankings on Google keeping a close eye on each keyword position. 

As a WordPress rank tracker plugin WordPress Rankie will update keywords' rank positions daily and generate powerful reports. It also incorporates a powerful research tool that generates valuable keyword lists Googlers are already using to search.

Key Features

  1. Track WordPress ranking on Google 

    Rankie can track an unlimited number of keywords ranking on Google and keep updating these ranks daily as it works as a WordPress SERP plugin.

  2. Generate ranking reports 

    Rankie can generate ranking reports per month, per year, or by all-time letting, you know how ranking is going? up or down with details on every single position change for each tracked keyword. As a WordPress rank reporter, It also allows downloading these reports as PDF.

  3. Keyword research tool 

    Rankie is not only a WordPress SERP tracker plugin but also integrates a powerful keyword research tool that generates huge lists of valuable keywords you can target.

    These keywords are generated by catching Google suggestions for your specified keyword by appending all language characters one by one to the main keyword.

    For example, if you want keywords about “weight loss” the plugin will search Google for “weight loss” returning 10 suggestion results for this term then searches “weight loss a” returning another 10 results then “weight loss b” returning another 10 … etc till it searches “weight loss z” . all results returned will be listed for you to check or select and show as a list to copy/paste.

    + All languages are supported.

  4. Auto track searched keywords 

    If someone visited your WordPress via a Google search and Google provided us with the keyword the visitor searched then the plugin can add this keyword to the dashboard for tracking.

  5. 4 different methods for locating positions

    The WordPress rank tracker provides 4 different methods to choose from for site locating positions on Google for keywords.
    • Google Directly: search Google directly for the first 100 results for your keyword and check the position
    • Google Ajax API: uses the official google ajax API to fetch the first 64 results and check the position
    • whatsmyserp.com: uses the whatsmyserp.com position locating a method to get a position from the top 300 results
    • [NEW] Google via zalmos.com proxy: uses the zalmos.com to access Google up to the first 100 results
  6. Daily report email 

    The plugin can send you a daily email with each position transition up or down.
  7. Ranking graph for each keyword 

    Plugin records unique ranking records and generates a ranking graph for each keyword being tracked.

  8. Easy filtering 

    The WordPress rank tracker plugin allows Keywords tracked to be instantly filtered by site, group, or by search term.

  9. Proxy support 

    as a WordPress, google rank plugin Rankie can use proxies when accessing Google for search.

  10. Detailed action log 

    The WordPress rank checker stores every single action is done by the plugin.

Plugin Settings

  1. To configure the plugin under Rankie Menu click "Settings"

    You will see options like this.

    1. Position Locating Method: Choose the method the plugin will use to get a ranking position from
  2. Google Country: Choose what google site to use
  3. Keyword Research Google: Choose what google site will be used by the keyword research tool
  4. Keyword Research Language letters: Write the research language letters 
  5. Catch Google Search Terms: Tick this option for the plugin to track keywords that google referred visitors for 
  6. Auto-update ranks: Tick to update ranks daily 
  7. Use the external cron job instead: tick this option to disable using the internal WordPress cron job 
  8. Cron job command: Copy this command to add it to your crontab 
  9. Alternative cron job command: if the main cron link didn't work for you use this one 
  10. Use ip:port proxies: Tick this option to use proxies when connecting to google 
  11. Proxy List : add one proxy per line on the format ip:port or on the format ip:port:username:password 


To start using the plugin click  Dashboard under the Rankie menu to add your keywords

  1. Add Keywords: Click this button to add new keywords for tracking 

    1. Site: add main domain host
    2. Keywords: Keywords to track one per line
    3. Group: Select a group for this keyword
    4. Add Keywords: Click this button to add keywords
  2. Bulk Action: Choose a bulk option to apply to selected keywords
  3. Filter Sites: Choose what site to show keywords for
  4. Filter Groups: Select what group to show
  5. Search Keyword: Filter the keywords by a search term
  6. Rank Charts: Ranking chart for the clicked keyword
  7. Rank Records: Unique ranking records achieved for clicked keyword


To generate ranking reports visit the "Reports" menu under the "Rankie" menu

  1. Site Filter: Choose what site to report for
  2. Group Filter: Choose what group to report for
  3. Report By: Choose what report type
  4. Year: Select report year
  5. Month: Select report month
  6. Generate Report: Clicking this button updates the report
  7. Download PDF: Clicking this button downloads a PDF report to download
  8. Ranking Graph: Global ranking graph
  9. Went up: Keywords that ranked better in search engine
  10. Went down: Keywords that lost some ranking
  11. Summary: Rankings sum by top position
  12. Rank vs Outrank: Rankings sum by top position
  13. Ranking by top position: Rankings sum by top position
  14. All Current Rankings: All ranks for registered keywords

Keyword Research

To Get keyword suggestions to use visit the "Research" menu under the "Rankie" menu

  1. Fat Keyword: write your gross keyword you want keywords about
  2. Search: Click search to get a full list of keywords
  3. Clear: Click to clear keyword suggestions
  4. Check all: Tick to select all keywords
  5. Show as list: Click to show selected keywords as a list to copy/paste 

Cron Setup

To set up a cron job for processing the waiting queue refer to your hosting control panel. find something called "Cron Jobs" this is the case at my hosting account  

Set it to call every minute and Copy/Paste the cron command to the box 

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this Plugin. As I said at the beginning, I'd be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this Plugin. No guarantees, but I'll do my best to assist. If you have a more general question relating to the plugins on CodeCanyon, you might consider visiting the Item page and asking your question in the "Item Discussion" section.

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