How to add a shortcode on the page?

To add any custom shortcode on the page, please use the Shortcode or the HTML module in Live Composer

Check out this short screencast showing how we add Contact Form 7 on the page using the shortcode:

Note: you can use the STYLING tab for HTML modules the same way as you use it for any other page elements. Thanks to this feature you can style text and form elements output according to your website style. 

What if the described method doesn't work?

Some shortcodes require the page to be fully reloaded to output content properly and will cause  Live Composer to "stuck/freeze". This is happening due to JS errors/conflicts caused by the shortcode output. Don't worry there is a solution to that problem!

  1. Insert the shortcode into the standard WP Editor (in the back-end) of the current page and save changes.
  2. Open the page in the Live Composer again and drop THE CONTENT module where you want to see the shortcode output.
  3. Save changes and disable Live Composer editing mode.

See these steps shown in the short screencast below:

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