How to add Google Analytics code

Minimum theme version required to use this feature: 2.3.0
Follow the steps to add Google Analytics Code :
1. Go to   WP Admin > SEOWP > Theme  option
2. Click on the enable for activate the header, body or footer code.
3. Add the code in the Textarea.
4. Then Save it.
For example of adding google analytic code :-
* Insert the code and save it .
* To check go to the home page or and any website page  right click on the screen and click on the view page source.
*  Now, as you can see, the script added in the header section in the WordPress dashboard is visible under the head section of the page. refer the highlighted section below
* If you want to remove the code from head section, simply go to the wp-admin > SEOWP > Theme Options and tap on disable and save it. 

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