What plugins can I use to translate my website powered by SEO WP theme?

There are two different approaches to translating your website content:

  1. To fully translate your website to some other language than English (ex.: when you want your website to have content written in French only )
  2. To have multiple languages on the same website (ex. when you need BOTH French and English versions of the same content).

Translating content to some other language than English

Our theme include /seowp/languages/ folder with en_GB.po/.mo files ready. These files include all the text strings (interface) used in our theme. Use it to create new .po/.mo files for your language (ex.: for French, you will need fr_FR.po/.mo files created based on the English version).

To translate interface strings using the WP admin area, please try plugins like  Loco Translate or create new .po/.mo files using applications like POEdit as described below:

  1. Change your WordPress language in WP Admin > Settings > General > Site Language
  2. Create a copy of en_GB. po file and rename to your language code like fr_FR.po for French. (see WP locale code for your language here)
  3. Translate the strings needed in the new file using POEdit software.
  4. Save the edited file with strings to both .po and .mo formats using POEdit
  5. Copy new .po/.mo files into /wp-content/languages/themes/ and rename the file as in following example: seowp-fr_FR.mo

Multiple languages on the same website

Our theme will work with the WPML plugin that can be used to create and manage multilingual websites. 

Our theme support RTL languages, but this functionality isn't officially released yet, so please use it at your own risk.

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