How to add a custom post type in SEOWP theme?

WordPress can hold and display many different types of content. A single item of such content is generally called a post, although the post is also a specific post type.  The Custom post types (CPT) are new post types you can create. Live Composer comes with the following CPTs: Galleries, Partners, Projects, Staff, and Testimonials.  

custom post type can be added to WordPress via the register_post_type() function, or, using a dedicated plugin. For instance, you can install Custom Post Type UI, which will be used in this article "Step by Step usage example".

The last version of the SEOWP theme comes with the "CTP Support" extension which adds full CPT support in Live Composer Page Builder. You can create a shared LC template for any Custom Post Type so all the posts inherit the single layout and fill it with custom data from the WordPress backend. Alternatively, you can require a custom design for each post or disable Live Composer completely for any custom post type on your website.

Step by Step Usage Example

Let's assume you need an "Event" custom post type. Go to WP Admin > CPT UI and add a new post type.
Publish the newly created custom post type. You should have now in the WordPress admin menu the "Events" CPT. 
If you add a new post on the Events, you will notice that there is no "Live Composer".  This why you need the Live Composer CPT Support extension. In order to give Live Control over the CPT created, follow the next step.
Go to WP Admin > Live Composer > Templates for CPT and select the option which fit your needs. If all your CPT need the same layout, you can choose the "Live Composer Templates". Other CPT may need to use different layouts (portfolio pages for instance). In such cases, select the "Unique Design for Each Post".
For the present example (Events) I have chosen the "Live Composer Templates". In order to create such a template, go to WP Admin > Appearance > Templates and create a single post template for the "Events" CPT.
Publish the template and open it in Live Composer. Build your "Events" layout template.

Why don't I have the "Open in Live Composer" button on my CPT?

In order to have this feature activated, the "Templates for CPT" need to use the "Unique Design for Each Post" option for your CPT.

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