How to customise the content using the columns feature

The modules container and the modules themselves have built-in a "column" feature which allows you to build multi-column layouts. 

Please check the next screenshots to see where you can find this feature.

Mouse over the container to reveal the left side controller. Click on the third icon and select the container width needed. You have 1 to 12 columns to choose. 
The module columns feature can be used in a similar way. Mouse over the module until the module controller is displayed (blue). Click on the third icon and then select the columns needed. You have 1 to 12 columns to choose from. 


All the columns are left floating. On responsive devices, according to the device screen width, these columns will be displayed using this CSS rule. In order to have more control over the order of the columns ensure that you are using properly the containers. Avoid the usage of all your page modules in a single container.

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