How to troubleshoot the installation errors

Here is a list of the common server or installation errors

The PHP server version

Go to WP Admin > Plugins and install the Ninja Forms. Visit WP-Admin > Ninja Forms > System status / Get Help and check if you don't have an outdated PHP version. WordPress recommends 7 or greater. If you have such an outdated version, please contact your hosting provider and ask for a PHP update. It will improve the server speed and security.

The demo content was installed without images

Check with your hosting provider if there is no security restriction regarding the connections to the third-party servers. Please ask them to whitelist our server If you are using the HostGator hosting company, please note they by default block all the outgoing connections on the client's websites. Because of this restriction, our theme can’t download all the images from the demo website. Before installing our theme, please contact HostGator support directly with a request to whitelist the Mod_Sec rule 1234234. After that, the theme installer and the demo content importer will be fully functional on your website.

The installation says to check the log

The error log should provide enough information about the cause. Sometimes, this error log can be empty. Most likely, this is happening because you are trying to upload English content over a different WordPress language installation. Please go to WP Admin > Settings > General and set the installation language on "English". After the demo import, you can switch the language to the initial one. 

Your website can't access our demo server to download plugins

This notice is related to a server security restriction or, to a server feature that may be disabled (cURL for instance).

PHP warnings

You have these "warnings" because your server is set to show such PHP warnings. There is nothing to worry about. The plugins developers need to keep compatibility with older versions of WordPress as well as older PHP versions. In order to solve this, if you simply set WP_DEBUG to "false" in your wp-config.php file you should be fine. In the case you already did that and still have the warnings, you can replace this line from your wp-config.php file:

define('WP_DEBUG', false);

with this:

ini_set('error_reporting', E_ALL ); 
define('WP_DEBUG', false); 
define('WP_DEBUG_LOG', true); 
define('WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY', false);

How to reset the theme installation

You can use this panel to reset the demo import feature and start it again. However, the better way is to reset the WordPress to an initial state and install the content again. Please note a reset will delete all your content.

Installing the plugins manually

All the theme plugins are delivered in the downloaded package / Premium Plugins folder.

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