Theme update to version 1.9

The SEOWP theme update to version 1.9.1 includes 11 premium plugin updates. Every updated plugin has hundreds of code lines changed. In this short article, we will guide you through this theme update. Before starting, remember these four simple and short recommendations:

  1. Create a full site backup before your start (database and all the files). It's crucial this time.
  2. Our support team is ready to help if something goes wrong (the support team works Monday to Friday only).
  3. Go to WP Admin > Plugins and disable all the third-party plugins.
  4. Try to schedule backup on the day and time when you have not so many visitors. It will take you 10-30 minutes to complete the update, but there is a risk of a delay if some of the plugins fail to update properly.

Please, make yourself a cup of coffee and follow the next instructions.

Steps to follow

Please don't forget to create a backup first!

First of all, please create a website backup (there are many free plugins available on for this job). Coffee can spill and software tends to break at a very bad moment. A saucer is a great backup plan for hot drinks BTW :)


Go to WP Admin > Appearance > Themes and activate a default WordPress theme.

Click on the SEOWP theme thumbnail and then on the "Delete" button.
Upload and activate the last theme version.
Click on the "Update now" button.
This action will lead to the theme installation config panel. Please follow each step!
Yay, you did it! You completed the most stupid and complex theme update ever. Sorry to make you struggle. You deserve a second cup of coffee!

We are working on new amazing designs and features for SEOWP

We will get you surprised with what we prepared for SEOWP users!   
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BTW why not tell us about features or designs you want to see released? No promises, but we do listen to our lovely clients.

Possible error messages

If you follow the steps described above you should have no issues, but we will not get angry if you ask our support heroes for help.

After update checklist
Check if your website looks properly after update;
  • Check the site header and menu;
  • Check the footer;
  • Check pages with custom footers (if used);
  • Check all the widgets;
  • Check your system templates;
Check all the contact forms;
  • Check the layout of the forms (columns);
  • Check PayPal payments functionality (if used);
  • Check MailChimp Opt-In functionality (if used);

Special note for the HostGator hosting clients

HostGator hosting company by default blocks all the outgoing connections on the client's websites. Because of this restriction, our theme can’t download all the images from the demo website. Before installing our theme, please contact HostGator support directly with a request to whitelist the Mod_Sec rule 1234234. After that, the theme installer and demo content importer will be fully functional on your website.

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